Judges Exams

Welcome to the BSNSW’s online version of the ANBC Judges exams. The National Judges Exams from over the years will be converted to online versions. They will however undergo minor changes to bring them up to the current Standard. If you notice a question that needs updating please contact us and let us know.

We also are developing a set of photograph based judging pracs for you to get an idea of your progress choosing the correct birds. Judging photographs does not give the same challenge as judging birds but has the great advantage that what you see is exactly the same as what the examiner sees and it never changes.

When you complete a test please press the “SUBMIT” on the test page. You will be sent an email showing you your answers. The National Exams will be set out so that you can complete and submit one page at a time. When you submit one page you will get a link to the next. If you prefer, you can come back to this page and select which page you do next.

If you want to become a BSNSW Judge you will need to get an 80% pass on one of the National exams. It will be closed book with a time limit of 30 minutes. You can practice on these tests until you are ready to try the real thing closed book.

BSNSW Sample Test July 2017

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Page 1. Main Features of a Budgerigar

Page 2. Penalty & Disqualification

Page 3. Variety Standards

Page 4. Description of Perfection & Scale of Points

Page 5. Identifying Standard Primary Varieties in the Matrix

Page 6. Identifying Other Standard Varieties in the Matrix

Prac – Judging Variety Photos

This is a set of photos from the three top placed budgerigars at the National Show over the years.

Credit to Rod Turnbull for his valued work photographing these birds.

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Our Vision:

The vision of the Society is to bring together people in a spirit of cooperation to foster and promote the keeping, breeding, welfare and exhibition of Budgerigars.

Budgerigar - Australia's International bird.