The BSNSW Inc provides identification rings from the Australian National Budgerigar Council Inc as a service to our members and our Associated Clubs. Each ring is a unique identifier for Budgerigars bred in NSW and the ACT. Our members have the privilege of a personal identifier on their own rings known as a personal code. Similarly, our Associated Societies or Clubs can have a unique code for their Club as a privilege of their association with us.

Ring Registrar: Geoff Hand

2017 Uncoded Rings can still be ordered

2017 Ring Orders: Members wishing to order 2017 rings should contact Geoff Hand or email rings@budgerigar.com.au. 1200 more rings have been ordered for 2017, the rings are expected to be available about 13th October 2017. So if you need 2017 Rings order them now.


Your online order will only be placed when you activate the SUBMIT button at the top or bottom of this page. You can only do that when ALL the REQUIRED* fields are completed.

After you SUBMIT your order, you will see the order form (the right hand half of this page) close and an acknowledgement email will be sent to you. If you don’t receive the acknowledgement email, your order will not have been sent to the Ring Registrar.

Initial Ring orders

Initial Ring orders for CODED 2018 rings CLOSED on the 31st of MAY 2017. Rings ordered before 31st May are posted to you or your Ring Registrar mid December to overcome the holiday season snail mail delays.

All rings are issued for use from the 1st January each year.
Ringing birds with these rings before 1 January 2018 is not permitted.

Late Orders

Late orders can be placed any time after the 31 May 2017 cut off date for CODED RINGS. Late orders made by the BSNSW will incur a $40 surcharge from the supplier; where there are multiple orders the surcharge may be able to be shared by those ordering. There is no guarantee of the time to actually supply the rings after the order is placed but we anticipate it may take about FOUR WEEKS to arrive and on delivery the rings will send to you after all payments have been received.

All Ring Orders

  • You must submit a form with your order
  • Uncoded Rings: Minimum order 50 rings; sold in multiples of 10 thereafter
  • Coded Rings: Minimum order 100 rings; sold in multiples of 50 thereafter
  • Price $60.00 per 100 rings
  • YOU MAY PAY BY DIRECT DEPOSIT TO BSNSW A/c – BSB: 082-133 A/C: 507 903 428
  • Please ensure you reference your payment as follows 18Rings [Membership Number] Family Name] eg: “18Rings 5555 Smith”
  • You can also walk into any NAB Bank and pay cash into the BSNSW account and reference your payment (See above)
  • Please include proof of payment with order

Our Vision:

The vision of the Society is to bring together people in a spirit of cooperation to foster and promote the keeping, breeding, welfare and exhibition of Budgerigars.

Budgerigar - Australia's International bird.