The Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc. (BSNSW Inc.)

People who love budgies will find many pictures of budgie club members and their birds. We also provide you with contact details for all the clubs around NSW that collectively make up the Budgerigar Society of NSW (Inc.) or the BSNSW. You can find hobbyists near you and when and where they meet to exchange views and ideas and at times you can also obtain budgies. You can also find links to people throughout the world who love budgies.

 2018 ANBC National hosted by the BSNSW will be held in Penrith, Western Sydney
Sponsored by Destination NSW

2018 National Show Venue at Penrith Panthers

At Penrith Panthers, the Exhibition Marquee is an impressive exhibition style venue and is a popular destination for many large events including trade shows and large gala dinners. The Marquee is located to the north of the club, within a landscaped grassed area and features complimentary dedicated car parking for five hundred cars. Inside the Exhibition BuildingThis Marquee is a huge air conditioned exhibition building which is secured by alarms and security patrols. It is suitable for:

  • Large exhibition
  • Trade shows
  • Entertainment and indoor sporting events
  • Large gala & presentation dinners
  • Cocktail parties

Room Features: Area: 1875m2  – Ceiling Height: 8m
Capacities: Theatre: 1500 Cocktail: 1200  Banquet Round: 800  Booths: 100

Destinations NSW advert

Acknowledgement and thanks to Judy Fletcher, Tasmanian Budgerigar Council for preparing this flyer for NSW.

The Budgerigar e-Magazine is a flagship of the BSNSW.

Once the cover picture changes the new magazine is available to members via the website. So check your emails. Let us know if you don’t receive your magazine. The printed magazine usually arrives 7-14 days later.

Please take the opportunity to read the Dec 2015-Jan 2016 Issue. If you would like to subscribe to the Budgerigar magazine contact the BSNSW Editor (

NSW 2017 National Champions

Steve Cummins with the 2017 ANBC Championship Shield

President of the Budgerigar Society of NSW, Steve Cummins receiving the Championship Shield from the President of the Budgerigar Council of Victoria, Col Flanagan, at the Presentation Dinner of the 2017 ANBC National Championship Show in Mackay, Queensland.

NSW accrued 442 and won eleven classes, achieved six second places and eleven third places.

Congratulation to all exhibitors especially those first time winners. See you all in Sydney for the next ANBC National Championship Show.


Photograph by Maureen Bourne

Wild Budgies Photographed by Andrew Bourne

Budgerigar: Australia’s International Bird.

Budgies are Australian birds that are popular as companion pets throughout the world.

The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), also known as a budgie or overseas a common pet parakeet or shell parakeet, is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot.

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Our Vision:

The vision of the Society is to bring together people in a spirit of cooperation to foster and promote the keeping, breeding, welfare and exhibition of Budgerigars.

Budgerigar - Australia's International bird.